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  • Dandy Max-Flow Light Trap | Call 888-849-1233 for Free Expert Advice Factory Fans Direct
  • Dandy Extended Box Frame that will enclose your Max-Flow Light Trap.  Easy Install save time and labor. | Call 888-849-1233 for Free Expert Advice Factory Fans Direct
  • Light Trap framed with Mounting Flange - Call 888-849-1233 for Free Expert Advice Factory Fans Direct
  • Light Trap framed with Mounting Flange to wooden frame - Call 888-849-1233 for Free Expert Advice Factory Fans Direct
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Dandy Breathable Wall / Max-Flow Light Trap | For Exhaust Fans & Intakes, Greenhouses, Cannabis Growing, Livestock Farms  

The Dandy Breathable Wall / Max-Flow offers the best air flow on the market and in return requires a smaller square footage of trap. The Max-Flow Light Trap is used to provide complete darkout capabilities in Pullets. We have custom sizes to fit your particular retrofit and a selection of sizes in our price sheet to fit any size or application. The panel sizes for the Max Flow range from 8" to 96" in length.

Dandy The Leader in Light Traps

Optimizing breeder performance requires the ability to control and completely block out light, while simultaneously providing the maximum airflow possible. Dandy has engineered superior light reduction since 1982. Through independent testing and on site observation, Dandy Light Traps are recognized around the world for their effectiveness and durability.

Dandy Light Trap models are designed to provide an exact amount of light blocking (darkout) needed for a particular application. Differences in shape, depth, and spacing will allow us to properly fit you with the light trap that is best suited for your needs. 

All Dandy models are available in various configurations, sizes, light reductions, and air-flow capabilities.

Dandy Light Traps are made of durable corrosion free plastics, providing a clean and long lasting product. They are easily assembled, removed, and provide superior performance. All Dandy products are shipped in knocked-down form to save on shipping costs.

Dandy Light Trap Assembly Video

Additional Information

How To Size Fan & Shutters System?

  1. First thing is to determine is the amount of air required. This is stated in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute). In addition, the required Air Changes Per Hour (ACH).  A Greenhouse requires 60-120 ACH's depending on location and weather conditions. 
  2. The following formula to determine the CFM's and ACH's required for your greenhouse:
    CFM = Width x Length x Height 
    Example: Greenhouse 12' wide X 40' long X 12' High requires 9,600 CFM at 60 ACH, 14,400 CFM at 90 ACH and 19,200 CFM at 120 ACH. 
  3. Review the above table. Select the appropriate combination of fan(s) to achieve the necessary CFM rating and ACH. Be sure to match the total CFM output for your exhaust fan(s) to the CFM ratings for your Inlet Shutters. Below are examples of end wall to end wall and side wall to side wall ventilation. Call 888-849-1233 for Free Expert Advice. 
 greenhouseventilation.jpg           sidewallwetwallandexhaustgreenhouse.png
Call 888-849-1233 for FREE Expert Advice and Factory Direct Pricing. 


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6 Reviews

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    Poultry Farm

    Posted by Farm Manager on 3rd Jun 2020

    We needed to minimize light in our Poultry Farm and the Dandy light traps work well over our exhaust fans. Highly recommend for poultry applications.

  • 5
    Greenhouse | Wet Wall | Exhaust Fans | Light Traps

    Posted by Andy K on 8th Mar 2020

    We are a first time grower and Mike helped us design our 25x50x10 Greenhouse with a wet wall, exhaust fans and light traps. Very pleased with his design and the wet wall, fans and light traps.

  • 5
    Perfect for our Greenhouse

    Posted by Cultivation Manager on 8th Feb 2020

    We utilized the Dandy light traps for our greenhouse application. Worked perfectly. We appreciate the advice that we received from Factory Fans Direct.

  • 5
    Cannabis Cultivation

    Posted by Bill M on 27th Dec 2019

    We needed Light Traps for our Greenhouse for cannabis cultivation. The Dandy's worked perfectly. Thanks Mike for your Free Expert Advice.

  • 5
    Quality Black out Light Trap

    Posted by Larry B on 27th Nov 2019

    We needed quality black out light traps for our intakes and exhausts and the Dandy's worked well.

  • 5
    Green House Light Trap

    Posted by Jack C on 14th May 2019

    We needed light traps to prevent light from entering and leaving our Greenhouse. The Dandy Max-Flow worked perfectly.

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