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Best Fans Reviews 2020 - Rate Centric Air Best Whole House Fan & QA Deluxe Second Best

Our Customers Have a Lot to Say About our Quiet Whole House Fans

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Purchased this quiet whole house fan for a client, installed it last week. All I can say is WOW… This fan is so quiet I had to get back up on the ladder and stick my head up there to make sure it was actually running. Compared to the old school belt driven fan that was ugly, noisy, dirtying and drafty, there is no comparison. The build quality of this unit was impressive, now I’m going to be getting one for my own home! Installation is very straightforward, took longer to muscle the old fan out of the attic then it did to install this. Even though I am a contractor, I would say a weekend warrior, or average DIY should have no trouble installing. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, and presale support was excellent, I had no need to contact them after the sale as it was so easy to install. I would imagine their support to be excellent given they have quick and friendly communication. If you are on the fence and shopping your local home improvement stores, do yourself a favor and stop looking. Yes, the unit is pricey compared to the junk local stores sell, but the quality, energy efficiency and lack of noise are WELL worth the cost! 
Harry T. 
I did a complete research for a whole house fan for my new home and found CentricAir to be the easiest and best product hands down. After I decided to purchase, I called Dave to answer a few questions and see if it really was as advertised. Dave assured me of the features and quality but mentioned the model I needed wouldn’t be ready to ship for a week. I appreciated his honesty and true to form, my new fan arrived as promised… Thank goodness the CentricAir Fan was so easy to install! It came with all the needed parts and easy instructions to follow, both on paper and the website installation video. I purchased the upgraded remote control and I am very happy that it works from any part of my two-story home. I am extremely impressed with this whole house fan. It is really quiet and very effective. I count this as one of the best products I’ve purchased online and highly recommend it. Thanks Dave for answering your phone personally and responding quickly via email. 
Carl M. Novato, CA
I live in the Ceres, California where it reaches 100 degrees regularly. After using your WHF 4.0 in my home for (1) month. My energy usage went from 2409 kwh for this billing period in 2013. To 1450 kwh in 2014. That relates to nearly $140.00 saving where I live. I only ran my A/C once the entire month. There was a couple times in the month that my home became uncomfortable. But my iPhone said the temperature was coming down in an hour or two. So family suffered for a little here and there. But it’s funny to have to shut off the system at night because my family is freezing. Best purchase I have made in years for my home. Thanks for the great product. 
Juan Aveytia. Ceres, CA
I wanted to let you know that I was extremely satisfied with the 2.7 whole house fan that I received yesterday. It is not burning hot yet in Riverside, but it is easy to convince oneself that when it is, the fan will cool down the house very efficiently: Just turn it on and try to close your front door! You will be surprised how forceful a wind current the fan creates. I will recommend you guys to everyone I talk to. Thanks again. 
Ertem Tuncel Riverside, CA
We can’t thank you enough for our incredible new whole house fan. It’s amazing how quiet, yet effective it is. Friends of ours have a whole house fan that sounds like a Train running by the house. We can hardly hear our unit running. But the best part is how unbelievable cool our house is. Last night my kids actually used their blankets to cover up all night. Not something we normally see in the summer. I typically have 2 fans and a window A/C unit on in our master bedroom just so I can sleep. Not anymore. Now I just open the windows, let the quiet whole house fan do its job and the natural air from outside cools the house down just as though we had A/C going all night. I can’t wait to tell our friends about your product… it’s just what my family has been looking for to ease those hot, sticky summer evenings & nights. 
Terry and Laura Huntington, CA
My wife helped me with the installation!!! It was tight quarters, but not difficult at all, the instructions were perfect! WE LOVE OUR FAN and will recommend you to anyone! 
Darren Ingraham Merced, CA
Love the fans. We purchased three of them (one for our home and two for our rental properties). They are perfect for the cool Colorado evenings! Thank you! 
Rosanne Parimuha Golden, Colorado
I live in West Los Angeles, and have never had air conditioning. There were certainly times when I needed it, but did not want to go through the expense of installation. Last year I had my shake roof replaced with fairly dark composite shingles. Anticipating increased heat in the attic, I had 10″ of insulation blown in when the new roof was installed. I was right, with the darker roof, the house was substantially hotter in the summer than it had ever been. I was not anxious to have the expense of installing central air conditioning, and began placing some window fans at night, when it was very hot in the house. One night, I was walking my dog in the delightfully cool air in my neighborhood, and noticed that most of my neighbors were running their air conditioning (and it was about 67 degrees outside!). That’s when I started to do some research on whole house fans. My only prior exposure to one was years ago at a relative’s house. This was the type with the fan mounted in the ceiling. It seemed to work to cool the house, but was terribly loud, and the house shook when it turned on. My research took me to Comfort Cool Fans, and I spoke with Dave and Mike on the phone about fan size and attic venting required. I was also worried that the fan would blow my attic insulation around. I was assured there would be no problems. I was also concerned about the power draw by the motor (I did not want any lights dimming with start up, as is common with air conditioning, depending on how it is wired). The guys at Comfort Cool could not answer my question regarding the power draw, but by the next day they had literally measured the amp draw on start up, and reported it to me. They also kept talking about how quiet their systems are (which I took with a grain of salt).I ordered the unit, received it promptly, and took about 4 hours to install it (without a helper, it took some time going up and down from the attic). An absolutely easy job because of their excellent printed and online video instructions. The biggest problem was getting up at 5 AM to work in the attic (before the temperature became dangerous for humans up there).I was absolutely stunned by two things, the very first time I turned the fan on: How effective it was at cooling the house, and how unbelievably quiet it was, as compared to the old style whole house fans. This is flat out the best home improvement money I’ve spent in the 30 years I’ve owned the home. And it was fun to install. One thing I’d disagree with, regarding the operating instructions that come with the unit. As I recall, they suggest that outside temp need be 5-10 degrees cooler than the inside temp, before turning on the fan (so as not to suck warm air into the house). Actually, I’ve found that turning it on even when outside temp is a degree or two WARMER than inside also makes the interior of the house much more comfortable, I am sure because of the breeze created when the fan is running. The customer service has been terrific (I’ve had a few minor questions since installation, and one of the status lights on my remote control went out – it was replaced without question, immediately). All in all, a fantastic experience! And every night, all summer long, I’ve been laughing at my neighbors (and their running air conditioners), when I walk my dog. 
James S (W. Los Angeles, CA)
We love our CentricAir whole house fan! I was tired of running the air conditioning what seemed like 24/7 especially during the summer, and paying the high electric bills that followed. Took some effort to convince the wife into buying a “fan” that would help ease the A/C pain. She didn’t think it was possible. Now, SHE is in control of the remote and loves the whole house fan! With our inside/outside temperature clock, as soon as it’s cooler outside than inside she opens the windows in the kid’s bedrooms cooling them down before bedtime, then opening other windows to cool the other rooms of our house. I also like it when we have our bedroom windows open and enjoy the cool fresh outside air while listening in the distance the neighbor’s A/C kick on at 11pm! That used to be us, but not anymore thanks to our CentricAir whole house fan! 
Derik Van Leeuwen Mission Viejo, CA
I just wanted to let you know the whole house fan we purchased has been a lifesaver; even in the Santa Ana heat. It works great and has made living in our house much more enjoyable. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you want. 
Ian J. Adam Santa Ana, CA
I am very pleased with my CentricAir whole house fan. The unit is quiet and does an excellent job of exhausting the heat in my home with fresh cool air from outside. 
Walter R.
Our CentricAir whole house fan has cut our A/C bill by 90%! CentricAir’s customer support was also very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I would recommend CentricAir to anyone wanting a whole home ventilation system. 
Tom A.
Top of the line equipment! CenticAir is the Mercedes of whole house fans at a VW price! 
Sheila G.
We use our CentricAir whole home fan system all the time. I can’t believe the savings on my energy bills. We saved enough money to recover the cost of our system in just one year. 
Jan B.
We want to thank you for our ultra quiet whole house fan. It has done everything you said it would, and we could not be more pleased. Please feel free to use me as a reference. 
Steve K.
The CentricAir whole house fan product has far exceeded my expectations. There has been a huge reduction in my electric bill from last summer! We rarely ran the air conditioning, and when we did run it, we were able to turn it off in the evening and enjoy the fresh cool summer air. Prior to having a whole whole house fan, we could run the air conditioner 24/7 and the upstairs would never cool down. Now with a couple of windows open, it cools down in minutes. Plus the fan is great if you burn food! 
Tricia B.