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Whole House Fan Installation Video

A Centric Air Whole House Fan Installation is easier than you think and only takes about 90 MINUTES and requires NO FRAMING!

A freeze-frame of our video showing how a Centric Air Whole House Fan is installed.
Video Transcription: The following transcript explains how to install a whole house fan

Thank you for your interest in a Centric Air Whole House Fan. This system is designed to provide you with quiet, natural, energy-efficient cooling for many years.

Before we get started, here is a list of the few tools you will need to install your whole house exhaust fan: A drywall saw, a cordless drill, a tape measure, a ratchet, a 7/16th deep socket, a 1/4” hex nut driver bit, a 3/16th drill bit, a Phillips Drill Bit, and a pencil.

First, locate a spot in your attic that is over the hallway. You will need 30” of clearance above the spot in the attic and a minimum of 14 1/4” between the joists.

Once you’ve found your location for your home ventilation system, drill 2 pilot holes from inside the attic using a 3/16th drill bit. These will be used to align the grill.

Using the 2 pilot holes as guides, outline the grill with a pencil. This will give you the template you need to cut your opening.

Carefully cut out the marked drywall template with your drywall saw.

At this point, all of your Centric Air whole house fan equipment can be hoisted through the hole you just cut. You’re now ready to go back in the attic to mount your whole house fan motor. Take with you the 3/16th drill bit, the 7/16th deep socket, and the 1/4” driver nut bit.

Your whole house fan is designed to force the hot air out of your attic, and must be mounted properly for optimal results. Using the 3/16th drill bit and the 7/16th deep socket and ratchet along with the mounting hardware supplied, mount your fan close enough to allow the 7 foot ducting to reach the hole cut in the drywall. Also, make sure that there is no obstruction within 4 feet of the front of the fan.

Your fan cannot be touching a joist and do not mount your fan near a vent.

Once your fan is properly mounted, attach the ducting to the fan housing with your 7/16” deep socket and ratchet.

Using the ¼” driver nut bit attach one end of the ducting strap to the attic beams. Slide the other end under the ducting and attach to the attic beam. For best sound quality the ducting should form a 90 degree bend.

Install and secure the 2 damper box brackets with the 1/4” nut driver bit.

You will now install the damper box. There are 2 holes on one side of the damper box that need to face the joist. Use the Phillips Drill Bit and secure the damper box to the joist.

Once the damper box is secure, mount the ducting to the damper box using the 1/4” hex nut driver bit.

We are almost done! Plug in your whole house fan’s electrical cord into the control box. Plug the control box in to an outlet in the attic.

Return to the hallway and using your Phillips Drill Bit, mount your grill into the hole cut in the ceiling.

Your whole house exhaust fan is now installed and ready for you to enjoy.

Go ahead and give it a try. Using your remote, turn it on low, now on high. Centric Air whole house fans are so quiet, you’ll barely notice that it’s running.

Thank you for your interest about installing a whole house fan by Centric Air.

Please call Mike Miller at Factory Fans Direct at 888-849-1233 if you have any questions regarding installation.