CENTRIC AIR 2.7 Whole House Fan (Cools Home up to 2200 Sq. Ft.) 2709 CFM (HVI-916) | ENERGY SAVER 288 WATTS HIGHLY RATED GERMAN FAN MOTOR (Click to View Details) (Call for FREE Expert Advice & Additional Discounts) FREE SHIPPING

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  • Centric Air offers an advanced 2-Speed wireless controller using built-in timer or by temperature.  The wireless remote sits on a bedroom table or used anywhere in the home.  (Optional)
  • Centric Air also offers a new plug-and-play one gang two speed multi-function wall switch.  (Optional)
  • Centric Air offers a Cold/Hot Weather R-50 and R-10 Power Damper that can be used in a ceiling or wall. Cold Weather Damper Top View (Optional)
  • Centric Air offers a Cold/Hot Weather R-50 and R-10 Power Damper that can be used in a ceiling or wall. Cold Weather Damper Bottom View (Optional)
  • High Flow Designer Grill - 16" X 26" (Included)
  • Single Speed Remote (Included)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
MSRP: $1,595.00
Now: $1,229.00
Was: $1,399.00
— You save $366.00


Centric Air 2.7 Whole House Fan 2709 CFM (HVI-916) to 2200 Sq. Ft. | $25 OFF COUPON J9C7W6T6DT

The Highest Quality & Quietest Whole House Fan on Market with 15 Year Warranty | 5-Blade Computed Balanced German Motor | Comes with New R-5 Energy Star 1" Poly Foam Damper (Optional 2-Speed Remote with Timer or Wall Switch | R-10 or R-50 Cold Weather Power Damper for Ceiling or Wall Mount) Call for FREE Expert Advice & Additional Discounts | FREE SHIPPING

CentricAir 2.7 whole house fan produces a powerful 2709 CFM (HVI-916) and requires about 3.25 square feet of net free attic ventilation and costs about $0.07 per hour to run and uses 288 WATTS of power. It’s designed to cool two story homes up to 2200 sq. ft. and single story homes up to 1500 sq. ft.

CentricAir systems use a German engineered fan motor that uses 1/3 less energy while providing 30% more power than other industry standard fans. These energy efficient fans are rated for 40,000 hours of operation and include a 15-year guarantee.

Provided with the system is a R-5 Energy Star 1" Poly Foam industrial grade backdraft damper, sound absorbing acoustical ductwork, custom high airflow grill, on/off remote control or wall switch/timer and all necessary hardware. Also available with select CentricAir products are our exclusive two-speed remote control with timer and cold climate damper. (See included & upgrade options below)

Centric Air German Engineered Whole House Fan Motor



Included (Control & Damper)

Industrial grade gravity fed back draft damper requires no power and now comes standard with all CentricAir whole house fans. The gravity damper is designed keep attic air from entering the living space when the whole house fan is not in use.
Single Speed Remote Control
Our Wireless Single speed remote control is available for FREE with all CentricAir whole house fans. It allows you to operate the fan up to 100 feet away. Make your whole house fan more convenient to use and eliminate the need to cut holes and run wires down the wall with a wireless remote control. 


Single Speed Wall Timer
Single Speed Wall Timer
Single Speed Timer allows you to operate the fan on high speed and also choose how long to run your fan (1, 2, 4, 8 hours or HOLD).


Upgrade Options


Two Speed Wireless Remote with Timer & Temperature Control | Smart Wireless Controller Instruction Manual 

Centric Air offers advanced 2-Speed wireless controls for it's 1.5, 2.0, 2.7, 3.4, & 4.0 whole house fans using built-in timer or by temperature.  The wireless remote sits on a bedroom table or used anywhere in the home. Improves Comfort and Energy Efficiency using Temperature Control. Never over cools the home and eliminates homeowner having to get up to adjust a timer. Never wastes energy because fan only runs when needed. Simple and Fast Installation – Eliminates wiring and installing a timer and speed control switch. Features plug and play connection. Fan plugs into side of controller box and controller box plugs into outlet in attic. Easy install. 

This remote will Operate:  "Fan alone" or "Fan & R-10 or R-50 Power Damper". 

Two-Speed Wall Switch & Timer
2-Speed Wall Switch with Timer
The wall mounted two speed switch & timer lets you set the speed of your fan and choose when it will shut off.
Cold Climate Damper (Ceiling or Wall Mount)
Cold Weather Damper R-10 & R-50
Designed for cold climates, the Cold Climate Damper (available with 2.7, 3.4, & 4.0 models only) is powered by a heavy-duty actuator that is tested to 60,000 cycles. The damper door is insulated to R-10, (upgradable to R-50), to help ensure an air tight seal whenever your whole house fan is not in use. The damper can be installed vertically or horizontally. 

49 Decibels (dBA); 47 dBA low speed


Low profile, hi-air flow, cube-core aluminum (white)

Unit Weight

48 lbs total

Rough Opening

14" x 24"

Required Attic Venting

3.25 sq. ft. net-free


R-5 or R-10 (cold weather damper ) or R-50 (extreme cold weather damper)


Drops in between 16" O/C joists

Grille Size (Outer)

16" × 26"


16-inch, industrial-grade motorized impeller


2709 actual CFM (max); 1361 CFM low speed

Energy Use

288 Watts


120 VAC, 60 Hz


9.41 CFM/Watt (max)

Damper Box Size

24" × 14" x 13.75" (L × W × H)


Remote control or wall switch

Attic Seal

Industrial-grade maintenance free actuated damper


15 year limited fan motor warranty. All other components and electrical parts are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. Warranty excludes batteries.

Control Choice of:
  • Wired 1 Speed Wall Timer – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wired 2 Speed Wall Switch with Timer & Temperature – Compatible with All Dampers
  • Single Speed Smart Wifi Plug – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wireless 1 Speed Remote Control – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wireless 2 Speed Remote Control with Timer & Temperature – Compatible with All Dampers
Damper Choice of:
  • R5 Back Draft Damper
  • R10 Cold Weather Damper
  • R50 Extreme Cold Weather Damper


Optional Wall Mount Adapter Choice of:
  • No Adapter required for ceiling installation
  • Vertical Wall Mount Adapter for Wall Installation

Due to product improvements and equipment upgrades, performance ratings and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Features & Benefits
Exceptional Power, Extremely Energy Efficient

The Centric Air 2.7 is a high quality, very powerful and ultra quiet alternative cooling solution. It uses a German engineered industrial grade fan motor that can provide 30% more power while using 1/3 less energy as compared to other industry standard fans.

Extreme Engineering - Built To Last, Extremely Low Noise

These high-end industrial grade motors are built to last and are rated for approximately 40,000 hours of operation. The noise level is also really something to hear – or, actually not hear. At a very quiet 49 dBA on high, the 2.7 is whisper quiet. Every aspect of this system is built to a rigorous specification suitable to demanding industrial applications and is completely maintenance free.

Two Speed Wireless Remote Control with Timer

The optional two speed remote control with timer is our most versatile remote control which features an LED display and 5 Timer Functions 1, 2, 4, 8 hours or ON. On high speed the system operates at a powerful 2709 CFM. Set to low speed the system provides a comfortable flow of air while maintaining a whisper quiet noise level.

Heavy-duty R-5 Energy Star 1" Poly Foam Maintenance Free Damper

A fundamental problem with traditional whole house fans was air leakage between the attic and living spaces. This could result in dirty attic air entering your home. The Centric Air 2.7 takes care of this problem with an ultra low leakage, maintenance free, industrial-quality damper. Silicone seals are provided to ensure sealing longevity; they also provide phenomenal resistance to weathering and changes in temperature. Silicone seals have an approximate service life of 30 years and remain flexible down to -40°F.

Maintenance-Free Operation

The German-engineered sealed motor and industrial grade damper never requires lubrication or maintenance of any type.

FREE SHIPPING | Call 888-849-1233 for FREE Expert Advice & Discounts

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    The best whole house fan!

    Posted by Carlsbad Sam on 9th Apr 2019

    Thanks to Mike, I decided to get the centric air 2.7 model for our home. As soon as received it from UPS, I went ahead and I talked it with the help of my ternage kids. It took me about three hours to install due to lack of pre-planning. My kids made sure I did not fall off the ladder when I was cutting the vent hole on the edge of the top of the stairs. The fan with the two speed witless remote worked right away without issues. The range of the remote is pretty far which is great! The fan is silent on high speed. Overall, everything works great after two days of use, mainly for exhausting some fumes/smell from cooking.

  • 5
    Great Fan - My cheap husband is happy Now - and $50 Checks

    Posted by Joan M on 18th Mar 2019

    I have been trying to convince my husband to buy a whole house fan for years. He is so cheap but he finally bought the new Centric Air 2.7 for our home. The fan is really quite and cooled our home in last year hot summer. He is happy he bought it and that is a lot to say about Mr. Cheap. Thank you Mike for your help in talking with Jim. He was so happy that he told a few neighbors and they bought fans from Mike and Mr. Cheap received $50 referral checks. WOW is he Happy!!

  • 5
    One Efficient and Quiet Whole House Fan

    Posted by Troy on 10th Mar 2019

    I really like the updated whole house fan we got. We had an older model originally, but it was starting to be kind of erratic. We decided to upgrade to this one, and we've been pleased with it ever since. It was much easier to put in than the old model, with its shorter hose and narrower fan. Yet it pumps out great power, cooling down the whole house like the old one never could. Glad we upgraded!

  • 5
    Extremely pleased!

    Posted by Gary C on 5th Mar 2019

    First off, a big thanks to Mike for shipping out the fan so quickly. It took ONE day to receive!! As for the fan, it has been amazing. We are located in Temecula, CA...so the days are warm, but the nights are cool. We have a large 4000 sq ft home but was on a budget and we realize this fan may be a bit underpowered for our home, but has done a fantastic job cooling it. Just a few pros: - Installation was VERY easy. Mike talked us into the 2-Speed remote. I am glad we did. - Quality of the fan seems top notch - VERY VERY quiet
    - Cheap to run, but is effective cooling our home. We had to play with which windows should be opened. We also had to experiment with how much they should be opened. Once we figured this out, we could feel fresh air being sucked in. Our master bedroom, before the fan, would rarely get below 85deg (even with the AC on). It was ALWAYS hot. With this fan, I have had it in the mid-60s at night.
    I am very pleased with this fan - thank you!!!

  • 5
    Great Fan Very Impressed | Told friends $50 Checks

    Posted by Les Knows on 18th Feb 2019

    I have a 2200 sq ft home and look at both the Quiet Cool and the Centric Air. What a difference in quality and features. Centric Air is very quiet and love the 2-Speed remote. I installed myself and it was easy. I told a few friends who bought a fan and I received $50 checks. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing in how it cools

    Posted by Ronald F on 9th Feb 2019

    I installed the Centric Air 2.7 two years ago. The unit is absolutely amazing in how it cools the house down quickly and quietly. It gets hot here throughout the summer, and especially with the afternoon and setting Sun the bedrooms and family room get hot. I turn the fan on and open the sliding glass door to allow even the slightest bit of cooler air to enter the house and cool the family room first. I then close the sliding glass door and open the bedroom windows, one at a time to allow the cool air to rush through an cool the bedrooms individually. The best part when I stand right beneath the vent, I can feel the cool air rush over me and into the attic. It is a great way to cool myself down quickly!

    Yes, I run the whole house fan for roughly 4 hours in the evening, and it makes this 2,300 sq. ft. home cool down quickly. There are also mornings where I will run the fan to get the attic cool before the sun begins to rise. On the rare nights where the evening temperature does not cool off, I use an air conditioner, but that has become very rare now.

    Your service and support, as well as really standing behind your product, even after the warranty lapsed, easily makes this the best investment in this house. Thank you for carrying such a high quality product.

    The remote control unit and auto-close damper are definitely must have items.

  • 5
    Very Pleased

    Posted by Richard R on 9th Feb 2019

    Installed this whole house. This is the third (and final!) whole house fan for this house we will be installing. The first two fans, one a large bladed unit that lay horizontal in the ceiling and the second unit was a quieter two motor unit that was also installed in the ceiling. Both proved both disappointing and noisy (especially the large blade unit). I did a bit of research and found this Centric Air fan. The ratings on their website were positive (yeah, that’s a risk). We ordered and had their model 2.7 installed (the units come in sizes ranging from 1.5 thru 4), which was rated for a home of 2,400 sq ft (our place is just under 2,000 sq ft in size). Installation took our electrician (a very competent guy) around three hours. He got to the house around 8 AM and was gone before noon. Some of the necessary fabrication was likely already in place from our previous fan installs. First, this fan is QUIET!! (sorry for shouting…). On low you cannot hear the fan working (this is not hyperbole. There is no noise emanating from the ceiling duct.) How do I know it’s actually drawing air? When you put a piece of paper near the ceiling duct the paper is sucked upward, and air is coming through our home windows. On high you can hear air whooshing into the duct. I cannot discern the sound of an electric motor during the operation of this unit. We had the timer installed along with the hi/low switch. Not sure that was necessary, but what the heck. Fan is pricier than most whole house fans. We paid, with delivery (free shipping), $1,284 for the whole package. We haven’t yet received the electricians bill for installation. In short, we are very, very pleased with this whole house fan. By the way, have I mentioned that it is very, very quiet…?

  • 5
    Very Impressed

    Posted by Ed Stall on 24th Jan 2019

    I have a 1700 sq ft 2 story home. The heat in the second story bedrooms in the summer was unbearable. I shopped all the major fan brands: Airscape, Quite Cool & Tamarack. After talking with Mike at Factory Fans Direct I chose the 2.7 Centric Air with the new R-5 poly foam damper. I am very impressed. Super quite and energy efficient. I was so pleased I referred two neighbors who also purchased fans and Mike sent me a referral check. Cool your home and save and make money. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Easy to install and Convenient

    Posted by Bill Karwowski on 6th Jun 2015

    I really liked the CentricAir 2.7 with 2-speed remote with 5 function 8-hour timer. I installed the fan myself and plug in the controller box and it was up and running. I run the high speed on the remote to cool the house write-away and run the low speed at night when we sleep and also set the timer to shut off early in the morning.

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