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150.00 LBS
  • J&D Power Intake Shutters with Light Traps  60", 54" & 48" Shown in picture | Call for FREE Expert Advice |  Factory Fans Direct 888-849-1233
  • J&D Power Intake Shutters with Light Traps  60", 54" & 48" Shown in picture | Call for FREE Expert Advice |  Factory Fans Direct 888-849-1233
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J&D Intake Power Shutter with Light Trap | 36", 42", 48", 54" & 60" Sizes | Perfect for Flower & Cannabis Cultivation

Using light deprivation to control plant and animal growth is a strategy many growers are implementing today. For greenhouses, without the proper ventilation during the light deprivation state, heat, mold, and disease can quickly destroy your crop. For animal agriculture buildings, such as poultry houses, the importance of ventilation is imperative to life, growth, and production success of your animals. Decrease light while increasing your bottom line with J&D's Intake Power Shutter with Light Trap today!
  • 1.5 million : 1 light reduction factor
  • Nylon light trap clips for tool-less light trap removal
  • Housing is 18 gauge, corrosion-resistant galvanized stainless steel
  • Housing was designed so light trap mounts flush to interior wall
Take control of growth and performance with the new J&D's Power Intake with Light Trap! Numerous uses for poultry houses and as well as Greenhouses and Cannabis Cultivation. High grade aluminum and steel construction frame with an aluminum shutter and 115/230v shutter motor. High grade light traps with black PVC slats that have a UV inhibitor to prevent premature aging. Increase your profit by adding J&D's Power Intake with Light Trap to your poultry or Greenhouse today!

LD36    43.50" X 43.50" X 17.30" (OD)

LD42    49.85" X 49.85" X 18.30" (OD)

LD48    55.65" X 55.65" X 17.75" (OD)

LD54    61.65" X 61.65" X 17.50" (OD)

LD60    67.65" X 67.65" X 16.00" (OD)

Additional Information

How To Size Fan & Shutters System?

  1. First thing is to determine is the amount of air required. This is stated in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute). In addition, the required Air Changes Per Hour (ACH).  A Greenhouse requires 60-120 ACH's depending on location and weather conditions. 
  2. The following formula to determine the CFM's and ACH's required for your greenhouse:
    CFM = Width x Length x Height 
    Example: Greenhouse 12' wide X 40' long X 12' High requires 9,600 CFM at 60 ACH, 14,400 CFM at 90 ACH and 19,200 CFM at 120 ACH. 
  3. Review the above table. Select the appropriate combination of fan(s) to achieve the necessary CFM rating and ACH. Be sure to match the total CFM output for your exhaust fan(s) to the CFM ratings for your Inlet Shutters.
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5 Reviews

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    Greenhouse | Wet Wall | Exhaust Fans | Power Intakes with Light Traps

    Posted by Andy K on 8th Mar 2020

    We are a first time grower and Mike helped us design our 25x50x10 Greenhouse with a wet wall, exhaust fans, power intakes with light traps. Very pleased with his design and the wet wall, fans and power intakes with light traps.

  • 5
    Greenhouse Ventilation with Light Traps

    Posted by Cultivation Manager on 8th Feb 2020

    We ungraded our current Greenhouse ventilation to the J&D Power Intakes and exhaust fans with Light Traps. Easy install and functioning to specifications.

  • 5
    Cannabis Cultivation

    Posted by Ed J on 18th Jan 2020

    We have a 25,000 sq ft facility and utilized the multiple J&D Light Dep Exhaust Fans with wet walls and Light Dep intakes. Our design team worked with Engineers at Factory Fans Direct and Mike to assist in designing and layout of our facility. We were very pleased with the design, advice and the equipment recommended. Thanks Mike

  • 5
    Well Designed and Constructed | 5 Stars

    Posted by James L on 27th Dec 2019

    We reviewed all of the current Light Dep Intakes on the market and chose the new J&D units. They are superior to the rest. Well designed and constructed and functioned perfectly for our project.

  • 5
    Extremely Well Constructed and Designed

    Posted by Greenhouse Manager on 5th Dec 2019

    We have reviewed other intake with light traps and J&D has far exceeded any other on the market. Extremely Well Constructed and Designed. Power shutter for air intake and light trap and fits well in the frame of the unit. Very easy to install.

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